Adopting Energy Efficiency: 5 Resources for Building a Green Home

Icynene-Insulation-Installation-resized-600.jpgToday’s homebuilders commonly refer to themselves as “green builders.” Toward the end of the home building process, many home builders install energy star appliances and light fixtures, which are available in myriad retailers.

But that’s not enough to qualify them as a green home builder. A true green home involves a larger scope, from the foundation and everything in between.

Here are 5 key resource options to consider when building an energy-efficient home: Read more

Cleveland Home Builder Tips, How To Choose The Right Foundation

Picture 139-resized-600.jpgSo you’ve found the perfect lot, and selected your home builder. It’s time to start planning the home of your dreams.

A home, after all, is only as good as its foundation.

Here are some fundamentals and tips for the various options and decisions involved as you build the right foundation for your new home. Read more

How To Select A Lot: Tips From An Ohio Custom Home Builder

Picture 022-resized-600.jpgSelecting a lot to build a new home in Northeast Ohio can be a difficult task. Once you believe you have found the right lot, it’s best to confer with a professional, such as a qualified general contractor to avoid unforseen or unecessary costs.

You also want to make sure you don’t purchase property that you are unable to build on, which seems unlikely but is often a common issue home buyers run into. Read more