4 Steps To Create Your Kitchen Remodeling Plan

Custom Kitchen, Granite Counter tops-resized-600.JPGRemodeling your kitchen can become a very complex process. However, it can also be very rewarding one because you can personally create your own design plan that allows you to select what features and amenities your new kitchen will have. Additionally, remodeling your Kitchen can add significant value to your home.

Listed below are some key factors that you will need to consider when creating your Kitchen Remodeling Plan:

  • Your Home’s Value – Determine the current value of your home, and the average value of the homes in your neighborhood. Considering these values will help you determine a realistic budget and keep you from over-investing in your home.
  • Create a Budget – Determine an overall figure of how much you will invest in remodeling your kitchen.
  • Research to Get Ideas – Determine features and amenities that you really like. This can be done by taking photos of friends and family member’s kitchens, clipping kitchen photos out of a magazine, and printing photo’s from the Internet. (It is important to remember that the features and amenities from kitchen photos may not be possible to duplicate in your kitchen without making structural changes to your home.)
  • Create a “Wish List” – This is a list of the features, and amenities that you would like to have in your new kitchen. Give these items ranking based on importance to you.

Now that you have determined your budget and created your “wish list” you should request a free kitchen remodeling consultation from a professional home builder, or home remodeler in your area.

With your budget, “Wish List”, and Ideas in hand we can start to create your Custom Kitchen Remodeling Plan. This will allow us to focus on your personal interests when creating the design of your new kitchen. We will also help you with your budget by pointing out hidden cost items that can easily be missed when creating your plan. Depending on your kitchen remodeling plan and budget we may review green building products, and energy star appliances. Green Building products can be used to make your kitchen more energy efficient, which can significantly reduce your home energy costs.