Creating A Plan To Remodel Your Bathroom

Master Bath With JacuzziThere are many options to consider when creating your bathroom remodeling plan, which can take your ordinary old bathroom and turn it into the relaxing oasis of your dreams. Today’s custom Luxury Baths feature the latest advancements in technology which can be utilized in any size bathroom remodeling project.

With any home remodeling project is it important to consider the current value of your home, and the average value of the homes in your neighborhood to determine a realistic budget that will keep you from over investing in your home. Depending on your needs, and budget we can help you develop the perfect bathroom remodeling plan.

Below is a list of some of the latest advancements in bathroom technology:

  • Large Bathtubs – Relax in your personal whirlpool, or soaker tub while listing to your favorite music, or watching T.V.
  • Multi-Jet Shower Systems – Experience waves of water coming from every direction turning your shower into your personal body spa.
  • Steam Shower – Relax in the warmth of your personal steam shower. Enjoy the safe relaxing comfort of steam, relieving muscle tension, joint pain, and stress.
  • Heated Ceramic Tile Floors – Electric Floor Heating turns cold ceramic tile floors into a warm relaxing walking surface.
  • LED Lighting – Include LED Tiles in your custom tile project to add indirect lighting to walls, ceilings, and floors.
  • Mirror Defoggers – Never deal with fogged up mirrors again. As soon as you turn on your bathroom light switch your mirror defoggers are activated by gently warming the mirrors to prevent steam from forming.

These are just a few of the latest bathroom products. We can make any of your bathroom ideas a reality; however, some may require structural changes to your home which can significantly increase the cost of your remodeling project. Let us help you create they perfect bathroom remodeling plan by requesting a free consultation today!